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  • What are students’ current needs?

  • Envision students’ future needs in the library over the next 3 to 5 years

  • What experiences should be offered in the library?

  • What are the main objectives of the library program and space?


One more thing...

Ask yourself: What is going right? Do more of that!

Heath, Chip, and Dan Heath. Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. New York: Broadway, 2010.‚Äč

Revised Library Transformation Plan

Revisions to the Library Transformation Plan (in Google docs)

Use your submitted Library Transformation Plan in Google docs to make revisions and edits. Provide updates to each prioritized need.

Rationale: All areas of the library collection require updated signage to enable students to quickly find the materials.
Projected costs: $350 for supplies to build signs
Funding source/s: budgeted funds
Time Frame: 2014/15
Update: New signage was made by creating framed posters for different areas of the collection. Completed 4/2015.

Building an online presence
Rationale: Creating a library Twitter account will showcase what is happening in the library.
Projected costs: none
Funding source/s: none
Time Frame: 2014/15
Update: Librarian created a Twitter account and used it to highlight library activities for the last month of 2014/15 school year. She has continued to post several times a week and the account is followed by 5-10 other libraries in the United States.

New Section

Create a section called: Updated Needs or 2015/16 Prioritized Needs

Use this section to create a new list of needs developed by the Library Advisory Committee, following the same format as the original Library Transformation Plan

Advisory Committee

Early in the transformation planning process, form a Library Advisory Committee comprised of students, teachers, campus administrators, and parents. This group should meet to guide decisions regarding planning, purchasing, and designing the library space.

The questions can be as simple as:
What activities do you want to do in the library?
What do you need to be able to do those activities?

collage of images of students and teachers collaborating 

Churchill High School Library Advisory Committee

Web Accessibility