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Author Visits: Overview

A step-by-step process of arranging an author visit for your campus.


PHILOSOPHY:  Author visits help students develop a personal connection to an author and his or her books. By seeing an author in person and being able to ask questions, students also learn more about the writing process and can apply those skills to their own writing. This guide will help the librarian facilitate a successful author/speaker visit. The personality of the author and a dynamic presentation help students get excited about reading. Parents often like to purchase autographed titles to add to their child's home library.


     Most author visits take long-term planning, especially for contract approvals 

     The contract must be fully approved BEFORE the author visits

     Many authors book months in advance

     Scheduling multiple schools for a visit often reduces the daily rate

     It is suggested that the librarian initiating author contact should co-ordinate the entire visit

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