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Third Grade Research: Rapid Changes to Earth's Surface: Step 2: DO (Create Video)

Third grade students will research a rapid change to the earth's surface and work with a partner to write a script and create a video.

Step 2: DO

Gather information by taking notes. (only the treasure words, NOT complete sentences)

Make a list of the sources I used for notes and pictures.

Write a script and create a video.

Create a Tellagami Video

You will search on __________for an image of your natural disaster.



When you find an image you like, touch and hold the image. Then click "Save Image" on the menu that pops up.

This will save your image to the camera roll on the iPad.


Write down the title of your image so you can give credit to the person who created that image.


Open the Tellagami app.

You will add your photo as the background, customize your character, then record your voice reading your script (your message) loudly and clearly. Practice first!


After you finish your Tellagami video, ask your teacher or librarian to email the video to your teacher. Your video is not finished until it is emailed to your teacher!

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