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Welcome to the Lopez Middle School Library: LMC Policies

This guide provides information about the Lopez Library.

When can I visit the library?

Daily: Students may visit the library with a pass. They may ask for a pass from their teacher.Students sent to the library with a pass should ALWAYS  sing- in on the Library Ipads. All students need to time stamp a pass when returning to class.

Early Morning Passes can be picked up at the boat by Mrs. Waller.

Lunch Passes picked up before lunch in the library.

Check Out Policies

stack of books                      hand holding a nook    books with headphones attached


Book Check out:    3 books at a time: for 21 school days

Magazine Check out: Magazine check out ; 1 magazine only, back issue only, 3 school days

Nook and Nexus Tablet: Students must have a completed technology permission form on file in order to check out a NOOK or MP3 player.  Items are checked out for 10 school days. NOOKS have preloaded EBook titles (see this link) and Nexus tablets.

Lonestar Books: Please check out 1 title at a time due to popularity.

Lost or damaged items: must be paid for (full price for lost or damaged beyond repair books or equipment; prorated amount depending on damage for those that can be repaired). If a lost and paid book is later found, it may be returned to the LMC for a refund.


Do you want to recommend a book for the Lopez LMC? First double check our library catalog, we might already have it in our collection. If you can't find it, then click the suggestion box to fill out a form. In order for the book to be considered for purchase, it must be middle school appropriate.suggestion box

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