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Guided Inquiry Project Everyday Forces: Everyday Forces

Physics-Everyday forces

Project Description

Exploring Everyday Forces

 7.7C Demonstrate and illustrate forces that affect motion in everyday life such as emergence of seedlings, turgor pressure, and geotropism.

Force, Mater, & Energy:  Everything is made of matter.  In order for matter to move or stop moving a force must be applied.  Forces are pushes and pulls.   Some forces require energy to be produced and some forces are just that, a force that exists and affect other forces.   We are calling  these forces that  just exist- "Everyday Forces".  Your assignment is to pick a normal event or activity  that you know about and explain how “Everyday Forces”  affect  the event or activity.    
For Example: 
  • What forces are at work when a person sings?
  • What forces affect the flight of a golf ball?
  • What allows skateboards to roll so smoothly?
  • Why do different sports have different shoes?
  • What makes a soccer ball  curve when you kick it?


Fall 2013

Using Library Resources

You Poster- You Explanation of Everyday Forces

Your Assignment- Make a Poster     Due Date: Risigner's Class Tuesday 10-8-13
  • You will create a small  poster on an 8 ½  by 11  inch paper that explains the everyday forces that  are necessary, cause, and or  effect and influence your everyday event . 
  • Please identify at lest three (3) everyday forces that affect your event or activity. 
  • Provide an explanation of how the everyday forces make  your event possible, more difficult, easier, or  what advantage or disadvantage they create.     For instance in most sports that involve balls moving or traveling air resistance will effect how the ball travles, in most cases slowing down the ball.  
Some prompting sentence stems to get you started with your explanations:
The _________ is causing the [object] to _____________.
For ___________ to happen we need _______________ force to ___________.
We need to overcome the force of ______________ so that _____________.
The force of ____________ will make ____________ go  ________ .
If the force of _____________ [increasers/decreases] then _____________________________. 
Words that likely will make your explanation of  the everyday forces better- 

Good words to use:   increase, decrease, pull, push, cause,  creates, balanced, unbalanced,  motion, less, more,

More advanced words to use:  overcomes, cancels, minimize, maximize, advantage, disadvantage, negatively, positively,  relationship

Basic Sample:    Title, Explination of at least 3 forces effecting event  with arrows and general explination of event.

7th Grade Science