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Forces of Nature Research: Home

Information for 3rd grade Forces of Nature research

Step1: Plan

1.  Plan

What am I supposed to do?
What do I need to get the job done?
What do I want it to look like when I'm done?

Students today love graphic novels! The mix of illustrations and text provides a quick grasp of the story or information to be learned.

Your 3rd grade class will become an expert on one ofthe forces of nature that can change the surface of the Earth. 

Your job is to become the expert on one specific topic and create a page for a graphic novel that your class will make to teach the other 3rd grades about your topic.   

The information in your book should inform and prepare students in the event a natural disaster struck the area they lived.

Consider the typhoon that hit the Philippines, the tornadoes that hit the midwest, or the widfires that blazed in Coloroado...what do students today need to learn?

Create the questions.

Step 2: Do

2.  Do

I must locate the things I will need (books, websites, materials etc.).
I  need to ask questions, read, and take notes.
I need to use the information I find to create something.

Gather your resources!

Each tab above links to resources about your topic.

Use the e-library catalog to locate books.

Search the online databases - encyclopedias, magazines, and newspapers.

Explore the educational websites provided for you.

Watch a movie.

Take notes on all information that answers your questions from step 1!  Remember to use 'treasure' words and throw out the rest! And don't forget to cite your sources.

Sample Graphic Novel

Step 2: Create

Each group will work together to create a page/s for the graphic novel.  See the tab above called MAKING THE GRAPHIC NOVEL PAGE for detailed instructions and videos that will help you.

Storyboard the pages you will create

*Include a simple picture (pencil only - no details) with stick persons

*What text will be covered on the page? What will the people be saying/doing?

The better you plan now - the easier & better your pages will be!

Now gather your pictures from the link above - hold & save to your ipads.

Create your graphic novel page on the iPad with Puppet Pals and Story Me using the directions and videos provided. 

Email your page to Mrs. Romine.

Step 3: Review

3.  Review

Did I do what I was supposed to do?  
Am I proud of what I've done?
Is there something else I should do before I say I am done?