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eBook / eAudio Collections (NEISD Library Services): Home

This guide provides information about a variety of eBooks and eAudio provided by NEISD Library Services.

eBooks and eAudio


NEISD students, teachers, and parents have access to thousands of eBooks and eAudio that supplement campus library collections. Multiple vendors / interfaces are utilized in order to meet a wide variety of user needs for informational and pleasure reading.

Collection Statistics*

Item type Number Available
Unlimited simultaneous use titles 2,250*
1:1 copies (one user at a time)    13,201**

                                                                              * July 2014/ **April 2014

Access Points

All eBooks and eAudio purchased by Library Services are searchable in the e-Library online catalog. Links to the catalog and a number of eBook collections are available on each campus's Library Resources web page.

Users can also access the OverDrive collection from the NEISD Library Services web page ( > Library [under "Student Link" tab]).


With the exception of the OverDrive collection, eBooks can be accessed without a password from any device on the district network. To access a list of eBook and database passwords, click on the appropriate level below. You will be prompted to log into your NEISD Google account before you can see the document.

      Elementary Passwords

      Middle School Passwords

      High School Passwords

Students and staff can check out books from the OverDrive collection using their ID number. Parents may obtain an OverDrive account by visiting their child's librarian. Parent accounts must be renewed yearly.


What's New?

Gale has added a new "Browse Book" feature to all of the books in the Gale Virtual Library (GVRL) Collection, including the DK eBook collections for elementary and middle schools and the ASCD professional collection. This new tool makes it easier to navigate books in the GVRL.

Look for the following link to use the feature:

Updated July 2014