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Tuscany Heights ES Library Annual Report 2013-2014: Library Programming & Use

Research Projects/Lessons

The Tuscany Heights librarian provides instructional support through lessons that reinforce the K-5 grade level curriculum in various content areas.  

*Using Pebble Go and print materials, 1st graders investigated how technology has impacted the daily lives of Americans.  

*Using a librarian-created LibGuide and print materials, 3rd graders researched natural disasters and how the forces of nature affect human beings.

*Using a variety of library resources (print and digital), 5th graders researched Renaissance inventors.


Collaboration is key to a successful library program.  The librarian frequently meets with teachers (formally and informally) to plan throughout the year to ensure that student/faculty needs are being met.  For example, at the beginning of the school year, each team of teachers fills out a library research 'wish list'.  Teams then meet with the librarian to sketch out a calendar of events for the school year.  Follow-up meetings occur to fine-tune each lesson.

Other Programming in the Library

The library is the heart of Tuscany Heights and is frequently used for a variety of purposes before, during and after school hours.  Examples of Library programming:

The Leader in Me Nights

Baby Showers and Wedding Showers

Faculty Meetings

Professional Development

Volunteer Breakfast


Kids' Involvement Network (KIN)

Indoor Dismissal

Guest Speakers


Tuscany 3rd graders use iPads and books to research natural disasters.

Web Accessibility