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Tuscany Heights ES Library Annual Report 2013-2014: Reading Promotion & Activities

Reading Promotion & Activities

Tuscany Heights strives to promote a love of reading.  This year, Tuscany students were encouraged to read through a variety of activities:

All Tuscany students have the opportunity to participate in Read Around the School.  Students dress as their favorite book characters and parade around the building.   After the parade, younger students pair up with their buddy classes and travel to different classrooms to hear a variety of stories read by teachers.

Younger students competed in a reading contest to promote the Texas Library Association's 2X2 reading list.  Class progress was charted on library bulletin boards.  For example, each first grade class was represented by a popcorn bucket.  Each time a class read a 2X2 book, a piece of pocorn was added to their bucket.  The winning class received a special prize from the library.

3rd-5th grade students participated in TLA's Texas Bluebonnet Award Program.  Throughout the school year, students read books from the list of Bluebonnent nominees using their Bluebonnet Journals to keep track of completed titles.  Readers were eligible to win prizes, vote in TLA's official Bluebonnet online election and participate in an end of the year Bluebonnet Breakfast sponsored by the library.

3rd and 4th Graders competed in NEISD's Battle of the Books, a voluntary reading incentive program.  Students read novels from a selected list of books throughout the school year.  On May 12th,  classroom teams participated in a school-wide battle where students earned points by answering questions about 'Battle Books".  The winning 4th grade team advanced  to district competition.


Tuscany staff and students prepare for Read Around the School

Tuscany's winning 3rd and 4th Grade Battle Teams

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