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Library Services Instructional Improvement Plan

   Section            Performance Objectives/Strategies                                   
             Evaluation Indicators                       
Responsible Person/s           

Increase relevancy and currency of all print collections in NEISD libraries through targeted weeding and collection development by: 

  • identifying 35 library print collections that are older than the district average age of 2005 through collection analysis data from October 2016
  • meeting individually with target campus librarians to develop an individual collection development plan for targeted weeding
  • assisting librarians in creating lists which address campus needs and have copyright dates of 2015 or later
  • purchasing print titles from the lists created to improve the currency and relevancy of targeted campus collections

100% of library print collections will be at a minimum average age of 2005

Library Services, Librarians 


Increase community awareness of how school library programs affect student achievement by promoting the library program through a monthly Smore newsletter distributed to the school community to increase awareness of how instruction in the library affects student achievement.

100% of librarians will create and distribute to the school community a monthly Smore newsletter, which promotes library programming affecting student achievement 

Library Services,


Increase opportunities for students to experience exploratory learning in the classroom through:

  • creating exemplary lessons aligned with TEKS which incorporate exploratory learning design
  • providing lessons through the library that can be taught in the classroom which align with TEKS and incorporate exploratory lesson design
  • circulating exploratory learning materials through the library to classroom teachers

100% of campus librarians will have access to exemplary lessons

Library Services, Librarians

Increase reading comprehension and fluency at targeted campuses by developing a campus specific digital reading collection through:

  • creating OverDrive digital collections for two middle schools and two elementary schools
  • maintaining collections through collection development based on student and staff recommendations
  • tracking reading comprehension and fluency through benchmark testing and anecdotal records

Benchmark reading scores will increase by 10% at targeted campuses 

Library Services, librarians at White MS, Eisenhower MS, Walzem ES, & Larkspur ES


District Instructional Improvement Plan

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