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Library Services Instructional Improvement Plan

 Section            Performance Objectives/Strategies                   


Measurable Evaluation Indicators                       

Responsible Person/s           

Increase opportunities for students to experience exploratory learning through:

  • creating 4 exemplary lessons aligned with TEKS which incorporate exploratory learning design and literature (2 elementary, 2 secondary)
  • providing exemplary lessons in an online repository
  • providing professional development on the exemplary lessons

100% of campus librarians will have access to and training for 4 exemplary exploratory learning lessons 

Library Services, Librarians 


Increase the use of district purchased digital content (eBooks) and electronic resources (databases) by students, staff, and parents through promotion at librarian and principal meetings, campus meetings (PTA, family nights, etc.), district level meetings, and through social media.

Usage statistics will increase by 10% 

Library Services,


Address the identified needs of campus libraries through the submission of an individual Library Strategic Vision Plan (strategic plan with a 3-5 year forecast) to include:

  • vision/mission statement (due in December 2018)
  • stakeholder input (due in March 2019)
  • goals with objectives and activities with measurable outcomes (due in June 2019) Training and support will be provided to librarians throughout the year (3 professional development sessions) in the creation of the Library Strategic Vision Plan (LSVP) 

100% of librarians will submit a Library Strategic Vision Plan to address identified needs

Library Services, Librarians

IEnsure that all students from kindergarten through high school are information literate (having the ability to know when information is needed, the skills to locate, evaluate, and effectively use the information) by providing time at professional development sessions throughout the year for librarians to meet with vertical alignment clusters to develop a research alignment model.

100% of librarians will meet for the purpose of aligning research skills

Library Services, librarians


District Instructional Improvement Plan

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