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Exploratory Learning: Materials

This guide features information on Library MakerSpaces designed to promote creativity, curiosity, discovery and innovation.


NEISD teachers and librarians have access to all attached documents. Please log in to your NEISD Google account before clicking on the links. 

Demco Maker Supplies

DEMCO has added a catalog of maker supplies.  Many of these items are difficult to find from other approved vendors.  

DEMCO Makerspace


  • Makedo Cardboard Construction Tools and Accessories
  • Strawbees
  • meeperBOT 2.0 
  • Coding activity sets
  • Button maker machines (including 1")
  • Collaborative mosaic activities
  • Storage options

3D Printing Resources

Are you looking for ways to integrate 3D printing into curriculum?  There are many resources already out there. Here are a few suggestions to get started.

Little Bits

Stop Motion Animation


Stikbot Studio app/android

Minecraft app/android 

Stop Motion Studio app/android

iMovie (app)

iMotion (app)

What is Stop Motion? This website includes guides to using stop motion animation in a makerspace, classroom lesson plans, and student challenges. Student challenges include: scripting, storyboarding, set building, filming, sound, titles & credits. 

Coding Resources

View Master Virtual Reality

Addition Virtual Reality apps can be located in the App Store.

Recommended:  Google Cardboard, Discovery VR

Use Google Street View to view anywhere in the world with 360 degrees.

Please recommend any apps you preview and enjoy in the survey. 


Dash & Dot


Ozobot Bits are recommended for Elementary/Middle school. Marker coding is more consistent.

Ozobot Evo are more recommended for Secondary, as the coding is different. 

Mini Drones

Download free app "Free Flight Mini" on ipads or ipods. 

Use Tynker (available on iOS, Android & Chromebook) to code your Parrot drone. 


Tangible Play is an NEISD vendor for Osmo products, including the additional base/reflector kit for $19.

Makey Makey

Keva Planks

Keva Planks



Lego Education is an approved NEISD vendor. 

Engino Construction - Secondary

We have problems with the motors breaking on these kits. The company is out of Cypress and has been very cooperative about replacing the part, but it takes time, and will only be honored for the first year of use. 

OWI Solar Robots

Please check out this kit & use with students before purchasing your own.


Demco has assorted sets of makedo, which are plastic nuts & screws, with tools to attach together cardboard scraps to build recycled constructions. Contact vendor directly for quote. 

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