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Colonial Times-Communication, Transportation, Recreation: Immerse

Phase: Immerse

Academic Vocabulary

Throughout the unit, record academic vocabulary on chart paper or a Google document and refer back to it.

English    Español
past    pasado
history    historia
historian historiador
communication     comunicación
transportation transporte
recreation recreación
source    fuente


To Do


  • Timeline Blocks
    • Make a timeline representing the teacher (cut out and tape together)
    • Make a timeline representing the librarian (cut out and tape together)
  • Board Builder Boards
    • Ask faculty members (e.g., first grade teachers, principal, counselor, custodian) to provide information on communication, recreation & transportation when they were first graders). Use this information to make a Board Builder board for each person. Record the text (using a free app such as Voice Record Pro) students can listen as well as look at the pictures.
  • Source Strips

Additional Supplies:

  • iPads (for creating & accessing QR codes)
  • student journals
  • clip boards
  • pencils
  • glue sticks


Voice Record Pro (free as of 9/4/14) for recording text on staff Board Builder boards

Note: Convert file to MP3 before uploading to Discovery Education Board Builder






i-nigma Barcode Reader (free as of 9/4/14) for reading QR codes








Communication, Recreation & Transportation (15 minutes)

To extend students' thinking about time & chronology, create base 10 block timelines for the teacher and librarian. Show students how your life is represented by the blocks. There's no need to number each box, they'll get the picture!

Activity: When I was a First Grader (learning from faculty members & parent volunteers) / Time: 15 minutes

The terms communication, recreation and transportation are introduced by letting students peruse Board Builder boards that showcase lives of faculty members when they were first graders. Students can access individual boards using QR codes on a menu. A Discovery Education login is required.







Ask students to share examples of communication, recreation and transportation they learned about in the activity.

Introduce the words history and historian.

  • History is a study of the past.
  • A historian is a person who studies the past.

Students will write "History Journal" (or "Revista de historia") on the cover of their journal. Designate a page to record sources of information and explain what it means to give credit to a source of information. Students will write "Sources" at the top of the page and glue a source strip under the title to represent Discovery Education boards.

Source strip example:

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