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Colonial Times-Communication, Transportation, Recreation: Explore

Phase: Explore

Academic Vocabulary

Throughout the unit, record academic vocabulary on chart paper or a Google document and refer back to it.

English    Español
past    pasado
history historia
Colonial times    época colonial
communication comunicación
recreation recreación
transportation transporte
source fuente
source        fuente


Book- Hornbooks and Inkwells by Verla Kay

To Do

Create a base 10 block timeline to represent 270 years.

Duplicate source strips.

Sample Anchor Text & Activity (approx. 15-20 minutes)

In this part of the unit, the focus of study narrows to communication, recreation and transportation during Colonial times.

Read Aloud / Time: 15-20 minutes

Hornbooks and Inkwells by Verla Kay (2011)

Use a base 10 block timeline to represent 270 years. The time period this book describes is about 270 years ago. We call this time in history Colonial times.

Read the book once all the way through.

Read again, pausing for student questions and emphsizing examples of communicaiton, recreation and transportation.

  • Communication
    • writing with a quill pen and ink
    • reading a hornbook
  • Recreation
    • racing
    • ice skating
    • walking on stilts
    • playing marbles (marbles made of clay)
    • hitting a leather ball with a stick
  • Transportation
    • walking

Source Strip

Students will add a source strip for Hornbooks and Inkwells to their History Journal.

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