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Colonial Times-Communication, Transportation, Recreation: Immerse (Part 2)

Phase: Immerse

Academic Vocabulary

Throughout the unit, record academic vocabulary on chart paper or a Google document and refer back to it.

English    Español
past    pasado
present presente
communication comunicación
recreation recreación
transportation transporte
source        fuente

To Do


Source Strips

Download SMART Board Photo Sort Activity (or Print Photo Cards)

Additional Supplies:

  • clipboards, one per student
  • blank History journals, one per student
  • glue sticks
  • printed photo cards and sorting templates, if needed

Building Concepts & Vocabulary (approx. 10 min.)

SMART Board Photo Sort Activity (NEISD Google login required)

Using an interactive white board, students will sort photos into past/present and communication/recreation/transportation.

Students will add a source strip for the SMART Board activity to their History Journals.

Alternate Activity- Photo Card Sort (see Resources box for documents) (approx. 15 min.)

Small group:  Students sort "present" photo cards into categories of transportation, communication & recreation.  Teacher and librarian walk around and ask questions about placement of cards.  Some pictures such as cell phone or computer could be in either recreation or communication – ask students to justify either placement.  Whole group: Discuss vocabulary: transportation, communication and recreation. 

Now add "past" photo cards with the "present" ones. Students re-sort and discuss vocabulary past and present

Librarian could create a chart to display one picture each of transportation, recreation, communication in the past and present for students to refer to throughout the unit of study.

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