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Colonial Times-Communication, Transportation, Recreation: Wooden Cup & Ball Toy (Recreation)

Phase: Gather

Academic Vocabulary

Throughout the unit, record academic vocabulary on chart paper or a Google document and refer back to it.

Use "word sprinkles" at centers to reinforce vocabulary.

English    Español
recreation recreación
Colonial times época colonial
cup and ball toy taza y bola de juguete
reproduction reproducción
wood madera
wooden de madera
string cuerda



  • reproduction wooden cup and ball toy

Additional Resources:

  • flipped video that demonstrates center
  • History journals
  • pencils
  • source strips (to document sources)
  • "Word Sprinkles" to reinforce academic vocabulary
  • iPads

To Do

Modification required: cup & ball toy-- wrap the string around the base (near the cup) in order to shorten the length; secure with a piece of tape

Wooden Cup & Ball Toy- Video


Video link:

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