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Stahl ES Library Annual Report 2014-2015: Home

Library Mission

Stahl Library provides students, teachers, and parents with the tools and skills needed to be active learners, life-long readers, and to be knowledgeable, responsible users of information.


Library Staff

Librarian    1 full-time
Library Assistant  4.5  hours per day

Comments:  Ms. Blue is the library assistant at the Stahl Library.  The library assistant position is a six-hour position.  Most of her day is spent assisting in the library checking in and out books, assisting students, teachers and parents in locating books, shelving library materials, creating displays in the library, translating materials from English to Spanish, and happily assisting with any other duties required in the library.  In addition to her duties in the library, she also monitors and helps Kindergarten and First Grade students in the cafeteria and monitors day care students after school.  She is an integral member of the library staff.

Library Availability

Library Hours:

Days Closed    5

Comments:  The library was closed for five days this year due to STAAR testing. Both Ms. Ford and Ms. Blue assisted with testing.

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Student Enrollment


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