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Tuscany Heights ES Library Annual Report 2014-2015: Staff/Parent Training & Leadership

Staff/Parent Training & Other Leadership Activities

Staff & Parent Training

  • Reinforced NEISD digital citizenship and copyright policies at faculty meeting. 

  • Presented Google Docs/ Google Forms information during staff development:  During October Staff Development, I presented a Google Forms lesson and taught teachers how to incorporate photos, videos and variety of question types in Google Forms.  Google Forms is now frequently used in faculty meetings to quickly obtain staff feedback.

  • Presented Discovery Education information at faculty meeting and encouraged the use of Board Builder.

  • Taught OverDrive lessons to teachers and students; sent home OverDrive information to parents:  Parents continue to request Parent ID #s in order to use NEISD's OverDrive Collection on their personal devices. 

  • Presented Google apps and Google Docs to staff encouraging Standard V implementation in lessons utilizing Chromebooks.  I teamed up with our Instructional Technology Specialist to promote Chromebook use.  We hosted a 'tech camp' in the library and teachers visited during their planning period.  After introducing teachers to Chomebooks and focusing on logins, Google Apps and Google Docs, they used them more frequently in classroom lessons.  1st grade, for example, implemented QR Codes in a lesson about plants.  Chromebook use helped keep students engaged and excited about the lesson content.


  • Served as Grade Level Coordinator
  • Served on the Organizational Health Index (OHI) Team
  • Served on the Campus Improvement Committee (CIC)
  • Served on the Covey Lighthouse Team
  • Co-sponsored the "THE" technology club
  • Led 5th Grade Book Club
  • Sponsored Library Lifesavers, a library service club
  • Served on THE Crisis Team


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