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Copy of Alternative Energy Resources- 5th Grade Research: Open


Phase: Open

This phase is also intended to:

  • Motivate students
  • Spark conversation
  • Connect to what students already know about a topic (which makes it more meaningful to them)
  • Raise questions (not answer them)

What are the librarian and teacher doing during this phase?

  • Modeling an inquiry (questioning) stance
  • Being open to all student responses & making students feel comfortable sharing their ideas

From a student's perspective:

  • Why is this topic important and how does it fit into my world?
  • What do I find interesting?

"Open" Activities

Video Activity (15  minutes)

A compelling video segment can be an excellent resource to use during the "Open" phase of a Guided Inquiry unit.

Climate 101 Video Segment:

  • Watch the short video where Bill Nye explains the basics of climate change.
  • Pairs Share-- Allow students to discuss their reactions with a partner. Choose several volunteers to share their observations and ideas with the class. 
  • Is Alternative Energy a viable solution?




Bill Nye: Climate 101

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