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Copy of Alternative Energy Resources- 5th Grade Research: Task



The United States Department of Energy (USDE) is an agency of our government whose mission is to advance energy technology in the United States. Like all individuals, families, businesses, and government agencies, the USDE must make choices about their budget. The USDE currently funds research and development projects related to a number of different energy resources including some that are renewable such as biofuels and wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric power.

Student Task (directed to students):
In science this year you have learned some basics about alternative energy resources. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper, do some in-depth research, and become more informed young scientists and citizens. Your task is to investigate alternative energy resources, analyze their advantages and disadvantages, and make recommendations about which type(s) of alternative energy resources (in addition to the non-renewable energy resources we currently use) you think would be most viable for Texas. Your recommendations can be directed to an audience of your choosing— a business that produces alternate energy resources you want to convince to come to our state, your U.S. Senator/Representative, the USDE, another grade level at your school that is celebrating Earth Day, etc.

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