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Tuscany Heights ES Library Annual Report 2015-2016: Library Programming & Use

Tigers read. Tigers lead.

Research Projects/Lessons

The Tuscany Heights librarian provides instructional support through lessons that reinforce the K-5 grade level curriculum in various content areas.

*Using Pebble Go (Chromebooks) and print materials, kindergarten students researched animals and shared their information through note-taking journals.  They also researched ladybugs on PebbleGo and 'checked out' lady bugs from the library to release in their gardens for Earth Week.

*Using the Guided Inquiry research method, 1st graders investigated how technology changes communication, transportation and recreation.  They used databases, print materials, exploratory research and hands-on activities to research the past and compare their findings to their own lives. 

*Second Graders researched famous people using print resources and databases.  Using notes from their journals, students created first-person scripts and shared biographical information through the ChatterPix app found on library iPads.  Some teachers also incorporated to create web 2.0 projects.

*Using the Rapid Changes LibGuide and print materials, 3rd graders researched natural disasters and how forces of nature affect human beings.  Findings were shared through Pic Collage presentations.  All pictures were procured through Britannica ImageQuest, a new library resource with a variety of rights-cleared pictures.

*4th grade students learned about native Texans using a variety of library resources.  Students used books, databases, online resources and print/online dictionaries to research various tribes of Texas. 

*Using a variety of resources, 5th graders researched alternative energy resources.  Students used Chromebooks and iPads to take notes from databases and websites linked in the 5th Grade LibGuide. 



Collaboration is key to any successful library program.  The librarian frequently meets with teachers (formally and informally) to plan throughout the year to ensure that student/faculty needs are being met.  For example, at the beginning of the school year, each team of teachers fills out a library research 'wish list'.  Each grade level team assigns a teacher to be a library liaison.  Having one teacher serving as the main contact saves valuable time and allows for a faster turnaround of library services. A focus on technology integration, especially the use of  Chromebooks, Lenovo ThinkPads, iPads and other devices, is incorporated into library lessons to enhance student learning and promote the use of technology skills. 

Other Programming in the Library

The library is the heart of Tuscany Heights and is frequently used for a variety of purposes before, during and after school hours. Examples of Library programming:

Grade Level PLC Coverage

CIC Meetings

Book Fair

Volunteer Breakfast

Kindergarten Yahoo/Boo Hoo 

Kindergarten Roundup

PTA performance nights

Baby Showers, Wedding Showers and other celebrations

Faculty Meetings

Professional Development

5th Grade STAAR Intervention

STAAR Testing

PTA Events 


Kids' Involvement Network (KIN)

Indoor Dismissal

Independent Coding and Reading

Guest Speakers



The library is the heart of the school, and many Tuscany events take place here.

Author Kimberly Willis Holt visited Tuscany in October.


Book Fair takes place in the library twice a year.






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