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Tuscany Heights ES Library Annual Report 2015-2016: Staff/Parent Training & Leadership

Tigers read. Tigers lead.

Staff/Parent Training & Other Leadership Activities

Part of Tuscany's Library Transformation Plan is to include the Tuscany community in library events and activities.  The library plays a key role in making staff, students and community members feel part of the Tuscany culture.

Staff & Parent Training

  • Reinforced NEISD digital citizenship and copyright policies at faculty meeting.
  • Reintroduced OverDrive and other eBook collections throughout the school year. 
  • Coordinated Teach Like a Pirate book study for Tuscany teachers.  This monthly book study encouraged teachers to increase student engagement through a variety of classroom instructional techniques.
  • Taught OverDrive lessons to teachers and students and promoted the use of OverDrive at  "Meet the Teacher" nights in September.  Parents were able to sign up for parent accounts and see how OverDrive could benefit them and their student(s).
  • Teamed up with Michelle Haider (Tuscany's ITS) to teach the faculty about the benefits of using Twitter.  Several Tuscany teachers continue to use the social networking service to promote classroom activities, communicate with parents and to connect with other teachers.



  • Nominee for Tuscany Heights Teacher of the Year
  • Campus nominee for the Trinity Prize of Excellence
  • Recipient of the PTA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Joined TLA 2017 Membership Committee
  • Founding Member of Friends of the North East Library
  • Served as Grade Level Coordinator (GLC)
  • Served on the Campus Improvement Committee (CIC)
  • Sponsored Library Lifesavers, a library service club
  • Served on THE Crisis Team
  • Mentored new NEISD librarian
  • Co-taught French for Tuscany's learning labs.



Twitter training for our Tuscany Teachers.

PTA Lifetime Achievement Award 2015-2016

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