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Tuscany Heights ES Library Annual Report 2016-2017: Reading Promotion & Activities

Reading Promotion & Activities

Tuscany Heights strives to promote a love of reading.  This year, Tuscany students were encouraged to read through a variety of activities and programs.


  • Students participated in a school-wide Read 3 Read-In sponsored by HEB.  The goal of our read-in was to spread awareness of children's literacy, encourage our students to read daily and to remind students that reading is fun.  
  • This year, the library borders were expanded even further.  Using book fair profits, the THE library transformed another unused hallway area to create a 2nd reading nook in the 2nd grade wing, a Library Without Borders. This special reading corner, complete with furniture and fully stocked book cases,  is used for individual reading, classroom stories, peer tutoring, a special friends reading club and much more.  The entire school has benefited from this second library expansion.
  • In honor of the Presidential Election, Tuscany students voted for their favorite president book, President Squid by Aaron Reynolds or Duck for President by Doreen Cronin.  Tuscany students elected 'The Duck'!
  • 3rd-5th grade students participated in TLA's Texas Bluebonnet Award Program.  Throughout the school year, students read books from the list of Bluebonnet nominees using their Bluebonnet Journals to keep track of completed titles.  All students made bluebonnet reading goals and tracked their progress in leadership notebooks to help them keep sight of their goals.  This year our campus chose Nightmares by Jason Segal as the winning Bluebonnet title.
  • In April, to promote the reading of poetry, all Tuscany students and staff participated in Poem in Your Pocket Day.  The library made pockets for each student to wear, and teachers encouraged students to create original poems or select a favorite poem to share with buddy classes and anyone they met throughout the day. 
  • 2nd Grade students competed in our 7th annual Fairy Tale Bowl.  Team Silvers won this year.
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders competed in NEISD's Battle of the Books, a voluntary reading incentive program.  Students read novels from a selected list of books throughout the school year.  On May 12th, (4th grade), May 18th (5th  Grade) and May 26th (3rd grade) classroom teams participated in a school-wide battle where students earned points by answering questions about 'Battle Books".  The wining 4th grade team advanced to district competition.  2017 was the first year for 5th grade to have a reading competition--a Big Book Bash.
  • Two authors/illustrators visited Tuscany Heights this year:  Chris Barton and Ryan T. Higgins shared their thoughts about the writing process and encouraged students to use personal experiences when writing. Chris Barton's Swoosh is a Bluebonnet title for the 2017-2018 school year, and Ryan T. Higgins' Mother Bruce was a 2X2 selection for the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Bill Perryman, actor and founder of History in Person Theater, performed for Tuscany students in May.  His portrayal of Sam Houston and Abraham Lincoln inspired Tuscany's 4th and 5th graders to explore the biography and history collections of the Tuscany Library. 
  • Tuscany Heights hosted two Scholastic Book Fairs this school year.  Book Fair is a great way to promote next year's Bluebonnet books inspire students to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles throughout the school year and in to the summer.  
  • To celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday students and faculty participated in Read around the School. Younger students pair up with their buddy classes and travel to different classrooms to hear a variety of stories read by teachers.
  • Student and faculty enjoyed school-wide participation in Read for the Record.  The entire school read The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach
  • Master storyteller, Sue Kuentz, visited Tuscany students in May.


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