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Harmony Hills ES Library Annual Report 2013-2014: Home

Library Mission

The Harmony Hills Library is a centralized location where our students, staff, and community can find great books for reading, great sources for personal and curriculum-based inquiry, and great opportunities for creating with both technology and hands-on materials!

Library Staff


1 full-time

Library Assistant   

1 full-time

(with other duties)

Library Availability

Library Hours:

M-Th 9:15-2:50 

   Before 8 AM the library assistant is in the gym. Some mornings the librarian is available in the library for teacher assistance and other days she is greeting kids in the hallway. Most years the librarian has been working with the morning announcements. This year has been more than a little unpredictable in that regard. 

   From 8-9 the library staff are working with WIN groups.

   From 9-9:15 the library staff try to get as many books checked in and sorted as possible before we start the day. It greatly improves efficiency and accuracy of student checkout when we can have their accounts cleared before their classes visit.

   At 2:50 the library staff start getting daycare kids getting ready for dismissal and can no longer assist patrons with checkout.

F 8:15-2:50

   With no tutoring groups that day we are able to open an hour earlier.

PreK students wait in the library every morning with the preK assistant before heading to their classrooms.

Days Closed  6 



With the opening of the "new" gym the library no longer has to close for things like pictures. Usually the only reason we are not open is testing and the staff being reassigned to other areas of the school. This year we had one author visit so the library was closed that day. We were closed the day of the reception for the 50th anniversary and the day of the volunteer luncheon. Then a few shorter closures for presentations that had not been cleared for the activities center.

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Student Enrollment