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Language Arts: Wild Readers

Resources and goodies for all your reading and writing needs.

Find Time to Read

Your life is hectic! You are scheduled, overscheduled and then scheduled again: football practice, church choir, school track, club soccer, babysitting, working, homework, volunteering. It's tiring just thinking about it! So when can you read? 

Wild Readers

dedicate time to read. 

Wild Readers read

on the EDGE!

What is reading on the edge?

Carrying a book with you at all times, so you are ready during a


Waiting at the ortho? Read.

Stuck at your sister's basketball game? Read.

Driving in the car? Read.

Finished with work? Read.

Ready for bed? Read.

On the bus? Read.

Katie: Reading on the edge during a train ride.

Reading Cafe