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Lone Star Legends Research : Overview of Project

The Task


Texas is a state rich in history. It took many courageous people to establish this state! 

The kind of courage the early Texans showed is hard to imagine or relate to. We live a life of luxury compared to their lives! 

In this project, you will choose a legendary Texan and research his/her life.
1.  Discover 6-8 significant events that formed that person's legacy.
2.  Decide WHY the person is considered a "legend".
You will share what you learn in two different electronic formats.

The Product

You will show your learning using these tools. 

Make a timeline on the computer or iPad, showing 6 (or more) significant events in the person's life. 

Make a Voki or a Tellagami of your character that "talks" .
Have the character explain WHY he/she is considered a "legend".

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