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NEISD Library Procedure Manual: Budget & Ordering

Budget & Ordering

Useful Budget Tools

Listing of Budgeted Fund Accounts
Budget Workbook (template includes budget code)

Spending Guidelines

  • spend or encumber one half of Library Book Budget by Thanksgiving Break
  • spend or encumber all of Library Book Budget by February 15

Order Forms (see Forms Box on right for Bond, Local Budget and Other Reading Materials forms)

Bond - All processing fees should be included in the calculation of the DNE amount.
Local Budget -
 Processing fees should not be included in the calculation of the DNE amount. Library Services pays all processing fees for Local Budget orders.
Other Reading Materials - Use this form for periodical orders.‚Äč Library Services facilitates periodical renewals each March/April for the next school year. Periodicals ordered at any other time must be ordered through an RFP by the campus bookkeeper.

Transfer Request Form 
This form will be used at the campus level to request funds to be transferred to Library Services for material orders. 

Procedures for Lost Books & Fines Transfer
Cash Receipt Form 9661LI  

Student/Campus Activity Funds (link to Accounting Service and Finance Department) 

Gifts/Incentives from Vendors

Librarians may accept incentives from a vendor, however the item/s becomes district property and must remain on campus. For example, a vendor is offering an eReader with a qualifying order of books. District funds are used for the purchase and the entire order is considered a District asset, therefore the incentive (eReader) may not be used as a prize to be given away. In the example, the eReader represents a gift of public funds, which is prohibited by the Texas Constitution, Article 3, Section 52. See policies below for further information. 

Do Not Exceed FAQ



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