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Third Grade Research: Rapid Changes to Earth's Surface: Step 1: PLAN

Third grade students will research a rapid change to the earth's surface and work with a partner to write a script and create a video.

Have you ever seen a landslide?

After watching this video, what questions do you have about landslides?

Do you think landslides happen in Texas?

Check out this map from the United States Geological Survey.


Step 1: PLAN

What am I supposed to do?

I will create a video about a rapid change to the earth's surface that helps other students learn about that rapid change.

What will a good job look like?

  • I will answer all 4 questions from My Notes.
  • I will list all of my sources.
  • I will work with a partner to create a video.
  • I will create a video that explains my rapid change and answers all 4 questions.

Where will I get my information?

When I click on the "Step 2: DO (Take Notes)" tab, I will see all of the resources I will use to find my information.

My Research Plan

Before you start any project, you need to have a plan. Make a plan for your Rapid Changes research project.

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