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Roosevelt HS Library Annual Report 2013-2014: Home

Library Mission

The Molly Pruitt Library at Roosevelt High School is a community where opportunities exist for all to foster partnerships, creativity, imagination, and achievement. Our mission is to provide students, staff, and community members with resources to explore and meet their information needs, to facilitate the use and integration of technology and information systems to enhance learning, and to encourage all library users to become successful, effective creators and users of ideas and information.

Library Staff

Librarian    5 full-time
Library Assistant    5 full-time
Student Aides     total (class periods vary)



In addition to one full-time School Librarian and one full-time School Library Assistant, North East ISD's partnership with the San Antonio Public Library provides four full-time Public Librarians and four full-time Public Library Assistants. All five Librarians hold Texas School Librarian Certifications and are experienced Teacher-Librarians.

The Library also has 18 student volunteers, 10 who participate on the Teen Library Leadership Committee. These students assist in the Library, plan and facilitate activities for Teen Time during lunches, and encourage fellow students to use the Library.

Library Availability

Library Hours: 

School Library Hours

8:00-4:05 Monday - Friday

San Antonio Public Library Hours:

12:00-8:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

10:00-6:00 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Days Closed  3 


The partnership between North East ISD and the San Antonio Public Library enables the Library to remain open later in the evenings and on weekends. Both students and public patrons benefit from this sharing of resources and availability. 

The Library was closed two days for district meetings and one day for the new teacher laptop rollout, although public patrons were still able to utilize the Library during public hours.

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Student Enrollment