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Technology Project_2013 (6-ACL): Intro (Open)

Tech Explore Directions

Your Brainstorming Team Task: 

1) Watch the tech innovation video & explore any links assigned to your brainstorming team. 

2) Use Popplet Lite to brainstorm together ideas for how this innovation could be used to address or solve problems in your assigned areas/fields of interest, like the image below.


  • SAVE as a jpeg
  • UPLOAD to the Google Drive APP (team leader logs into account)
  • SHARE with Ms. Diaz (
  • Share with your ACL teacher = OR

3) Be prepared to SHARE your team's IDEAS!

4) Do the individual EXIT TICKET (see box below).

TEAMWORK Exit Ticket

Each team member should complete this exit ticket at the end of the brainstorming activity, AFTER the team presentations. 


About this Project

This first interation of the Technology Innovations project was designed by Librarian Teresa Diaz (@Ike 2008-2014) in the spring of 2013, and collaboratively facilitated by Ms. Diaz and 6th grade reading teachers Deleyce Tietze and Derrick Readel for 6th Grade ACL classes.  It was adapted in the spring of 2014 and will most likely continue in various permutations each school year. 

The project uses the Guided Inquiry Design model endorsed by NEISD Library Services. 

Exploring New Innovations

How could these innovations be used to help address a need or solve a problem in different fields/areas in our society & world?

Google Fiber

Google Fiber in SA!

Google Glass

What Google Glass Does

Google Glass Explorer: Roy Choi

Mushroom Packaging

More about Ecovative



Wearable Robots (extra optional video)


Drones - extra video (Discovery News)

3-D Printing


MaKey MaKey


Web Accessibility