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Welcome to the Fox Run Elementary School Library: 4th

This guide provides information about the Fox Run Elementary School Library.

Sunshine State Books

Our 4th and 5th grade students are challenged to read 5 books from the Sunshine State Young Readers list by March 1, 2019! Students who complete this challenge will earn a ray of sunshine on our library bulletin board AND an invitation to our "beach party" in the library!

Click here to watch video previews of some of these Sunshine State Books!


More LibGuides for Fourth Grade

Need Images?

Remember that we are good digital citizens, and we ALWAYS give credit to the one who created the work.

To get images for your project, our first choice is

Why? Because they have great photos, and the credit is automatically attached to the photo!

You can also use the Graphics you find in SIRS Discoverer, one of our Library Resources. Just click on the "Graphics" tab on your search results.

Steps in a Research Project


Choose your topic and think of three THICK questions about your topic.

Watch this video to learn more about thick questions.


Look for information in books and on Library Resources like

  • World Book
  • Kids Info Bits
  • SIRS Discoverer


Write a persuasive letter to your teacher, explaining why you want to learn more about your topic. Make sure to include your 3 thick questions!


After your teacher approves your topic, you can start to read and take notes to find answers to your three, thick questions.

When we take notes, we write down only the treasure words. We do not copy whole sentences.



Give credit to your sources. At Fox Run, we don't copy or plagiarize!


Create your project, using your own words, and doing your best to explain the answers to your three thick questions.


How did you do? Fill out your rubric and make changes to your project, if you need to, so that you turn in your BEST effort!

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