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Welcome to the Fox Run Elementary School Library: 5th

This guide provides information about the Fox Run Elementary School Library.

List Your Sources

We always give credit when we use someone else's words, pictures, or ideas.

Click this link to get to a tool that will help you give credit to your sources.

Take Notes

Digital Citizenship

Sunshine State Books

Our 4th and 5th grade students are challenged to read 5 books from the Sunshine State Young Readers list by March 1, 2019! Students who complete this challenge will earn a ray of sunshine on our library bulletin board AND an invitation to our "beach party" in the library!

Click here to watch video previews of some of these Sunshine State Books!



Think of a famous person you admire, past or present.

Name 3 qualities he or she has that you admire.

Give evidence from his or her life for each quality. (cite source)

Interview an adult who knows you.

Ask them what 3 qualities you have that will help you be successful in life.

Give evidence from your life for each quality.

Think of 3 people who have helped you succeed. Write a thank you letter to each of those 3 people.

What is one thing you’d want to do if you could do anything? Find 3 facts about it, and cite your sources.

Create an Animoto video that includes the 3 qualities of the famous person, your 3 qualities, and the 3 facts about what you’d like to do. Choose images and music that show us the real you.



A Famous Person I Admire

Think of a famous person you admire, past or present. Think of someone you want to be like someday. This video will give you some ideas.

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