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Welcome to the Fox Run Elementary School Library: Code

This guide provides information about the Fox Run Elementary School Library.

Why Code?

YOU can code!

Grades 3-5

3-5 Coding Hyperdoc

Want to learn about coding at your own pace? Click here to travel through a coding HyperDoc! You will be able to VIEW the document, but not edit it.

text with intro to coding



Star Wars

Tynker Coding Games

You can choose any of the coding games on Tynker. Click "more" to see all the choices.

tynker coding games

Grinch Hour of Code

grinch hour of code text

Code Dance Party

dance party cat and shark dancing

Grades K-2

K-2 Coding Hyperdoc

Want to teach your class about coding? You can travel through this HyperDoc together. You will be able to VIEW the document, not edit it.

robot with test for hour of code

Candy Quest


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Tynker Puppy Adventure

puppy and car with puppy adventure text

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