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Welcome to the Churchill High School Library: Energy Project 2017

This guide presents information about the Churchill High School Library.

Digital Notes Form & Worksheet

Use ONE of the following note-taking forms to organize your information.

Keep this open to refer to.  The first step is to login into your Google Account in another tab at the top.

ne_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Next, open one of the links.  Click File, then click Make a Copy, name it, and click OK. Close Mrs. Gus's notes

Digital Notes

Energy Worksheet

Booklet for Project

  1. Click on link above.
  2. Click on File
  3. Click on Save As
  4. Double Click on Computer
  5. Scroll down on left side--Double Click on Computer 
  6. Scroll down on right side--Double Click on Home
  7. Name your booklet
  8. Click Save

Assignment Documents

Click the link below to access the documents for the energy project:


Printing a Booklet in Publisher

From the booklet:

Click File>Print

Click the drop down to change printer to: 003-LIB-M551D

Make sure it's set to print pages 1-8 and Booklet, side-fold

Change to Print on Both Sides, Flip on the short edge

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