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Welcome to the Churchill High School Library: Sadovsky--Book Trailers

This guide presents information about the Churchill High School Library.

Adobe Spark

Click the icon to access Adobe Spark



Book Trailer Samples

Resources for Book Reviews & Awards


Gale Power Search (Tutorial Video)

1.  Click "Advanced Search' + button.  2. Enter the title of your book in the top box. 3. Enter "book review" in the next box and select "Document Type" in the drop down.  3. Click Search

Kirkus Reviews

1. Click Book Reviews in the menu bar. 2.  Enter the title of your book in the search box (make sure it says "Book Reviews" next to the search box.)

Publisher's Weekly

1. Click on "Reviews" in the menu bar.  2. Enter the title of your book in the search box

BOOK AWARDS:  (Tutorial Video)

1. Enter your book title in the search box. 2. Select your book from the prompt. Look at the Book Resources menu to see if Awards is in the list.  If it is, select "Awards"

Elements of Effective Book Trailers

Essential elements of an effective book trailer to consider:

Audience--know and consider to whom you are promoting the book

Hook--include something bold or enticing to make your potential reader interested; do not summarize entire book

Content--the audience should have an idea what the book is generally about

Text--Use effectively to persuade the reader

Images--use powerful images that represent the book and appeal to your audience

Audio/Video--video and voice should enhance the content and should not be distracting

Music--use what is in Adobe Spark so there are no copyright issues; should reflect tone of book

Length--consider attention span of your target audience

Additional elements to consider:

Positive book reviews--should be brief

Quotes from book--should be brief

Awards--limit to top 3 or less

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