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Welcome to the Tuscany Heights Elementary School Library: 3rd

This guide provides information about the Tuscany Heights School Library.

Library Visits

3rd grade students have a whole class check out time once a week.  However, they are still able to come to the library with their teacher's permission if they need another book before the next whole class time.  3rd grade students are able to check out 3 books.  One of their books should be a chapter book that takes them a few days to read.  This build up their stamina and ability to read and remember over time.  See box to far right for tips on choosing a Just Right Book.

Bluebonnet Program

Third Graders in Texas are asked to participate in the Bluebonnet Program.  Click on the links below to find out more information. 

The President's Volunteer Service Award

Favorite Authors and Series

"Just Right" Books

A "Just Right" book  means a book that is not too hard and not too easy; it is one that they can read and understand mostly on their own.  Reading "Just Right" books helps the student become more fluent and a better reader.  To find a "Just Right" book, students are taught the 5 Finger Test.

5 Finger Test
Open the book to any page and start reading. For every word that you don't know or understand hold up one finger.  If at the end of the page you have

0 fingers the book is too easy
1-2 fingers the book is just right
fingers the book is too hard

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