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Welcome to the Tuscany Heights Elementary School Library: 1st

This guide provides information about the Tuscany Heights School Library.

Library Visits

1st Grade students come to the library each Thursday afternoon for checkout.  Every other Thursday we have a story/lesson.  They are able to checkout 2 books each week provided they return the prior week's books. Students are also allowed to come to the library at other times, with teacher permission. 

Parents please help students to remember their books on the days above.  The teachers have a basket in the classroom if students want to return their books before the checkout day. 

Shelving Practice

Click below to practice shelving books in the library.

This is great practice for alphabetizing!

Favorite Authors and Series

"Just Right" Books

A "Just Right" book  means a book that is not too hard and not too easy; it is one that they can read and understand mostly on their own.  Reading "Just Right" books helps the student become more fluent and a better reader.  To find a "Just Right" book, students are taught the 5 Finger Test.

5 Finger Test
Open the book to any page and start reading. For every word that you don't know or understand hold up one finger.  If at the end of the page you have

0 fingers the book is too easy
1-2 fingers the book is just right
fingers the book is too hard

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