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Welcome to the Bradley Middle School Library: Clash of the Titles

This guide provides information about the Bradley Middle School Library

What is the Clash of the Titles

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Readers, let's gather together for a friendly book trivia competition! Students create their own teams of 3-4. They divide and conquer to read 14 epic books on the Clash of Titles reading list. 

Students can read throughout the school year and the competition will be on Thursday, May 30th at 4:00pm at the Bradley Library. Each student on the winning team will receive a trophy. All participants will receive a medal in honor of their reading efforts. 




Clash Team Google Doc

*A copy will automatically save in your Google Drive*

*Make sure to "Share" the document with each team member"

Clash Rules and Procedures


TEAMS: 3- 4 students will make up a team.  A team captain should be chosen prior to the competition.  He/she will control the answering device (clicker) for the team.


THE GAME: All competitions will consist of 3 Jeopardy style rounds and an optional tie breaker round.  Rounds 1-3 consist of questions in a Jeopardy style format, featuring 4 books per round. Teams will take turns choosing the category and point value.

Points will be awarded for correct answers for each question. No points will be deducted for an incorrect answer.

Tiebreaker Round after Round 3:In the event of a tie, an additional Jeopardy style round will occur.  Any team that does not correctly answer a tie-breaker question will be eliminated. (In the event that Teams A and B correctly answer the first tie-breaker question, but team C does not, Team C will be eliminated.)

The winning team will be determined by the score at the end of round 3 (including tie-breaker if necessary.)


PROCEDURES: The moderators will read questions and answer choices aloud one time only. The question and answer choices will also appear on the screen.

Teams will be chosen randomly to select the category and point value.

After the question and answer choices have been read, each team will have 30 seconds to discuss the question and respond.

Judges will arbitrate any issue that may arise. Their decision is final.

Judges may penalize teams for inappropriate behavior such as outbursts, disrespectful or unsportsmanlike conduct or inappropriate use of the clicker.

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