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Welcome to the Tex Hill Middle School Learning Commons: LC Info

Learning Commons Information

Learning Commons logo 

Learning Commons Hours

Monday - Friday

7:50 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

Learning Commons @Tex Hill Mission Statement

The mission of the Learning Commons @Tex Hill Middle School is to…

create an environment that facilitates authentic learning experiences, fosters a passion for reading, and cultivates thinking skills via innovative instruction, diverse multimedia resources, and relevant technology tools.

Learning Commons Mission statement

Nexus eReaders

The Learning Commons has Nexus eReader tablets
(8 total) available for students to check out and use
for a 3-week lending period. 

EXCLUSIVELY for downloading eBOOKs & audiobooks from OverDrive!


The Nexus eReaders are exclusively for downloading eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive, our NEISD Digital Library. 

Through OverDrive, a student can download up to 5 eBooks or audiobooks at a time onto the device. Librarian Ms. Diaz will assist each student on accessing OverDrive and downloading any content via the district network, since there is no wifi availability outside of NEISD on the devices.


Checkout is first come, first borrow. 

3-Week Checkout / 1-week break between sequential tablet checkouts:

  • A student may only check out a Nexus Tablet for one checkout period (3 weeks) at a time. 
  • If a student wants to borrow a tablet again, there is a one-week waiting period before the same student may borrow a tablet again to allow for other students the opportunity to check out a device.


A technology parent permission form is not required to check out a Nexus Tablet. 

However, any damages/loss to the eReader will be owed the Learning Commons. The replacement cost for each device is $50.00. The cord replacement cost is $5.00.

VDI Computers

The Learning Commons has 20 VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Computers for students/staff to use.

The VDI Computers are available during the Learning Commons hours (7:50 AM - 4 PM).

Students can log in with their district computer login and access programs and shared files as well as databases and the Internet.

Students may print (B&W) for free. Color prints cost .25/page.

Since these are 'virtual' computers, there is no actual hard drive.

To save their work, students should use...

  • Google Drive
  • their own flash drives
  • or save work to the student shared drive

VDI Resources Page

Recycling Tech @Tex Hill!

Funding Factory

 Donate an old cell phone or used printer cartridge to the Hill Learning Commons!

 We recycle both types of items!  So bring in your used printer cartridges (any   type) or old cell phone (any kind, even if it's broken)!

CLICK HERE for more information!

Visiting the Learning Commons

VISITING & USING the Learning Commons During the School Day

The Learning Commons is open from 7:50 AM to 4 PM daily. There may be times when the LC is closed before/after school or during the day for meetings, special instruction, or other event.

Students may visit the Learning Commons before school, during lunch, and after school, as well as during a class period.

Students will sign in when entering the Learning Commons during a class, and during lunch. They do not need to sign in before or after school. 

During a class period, students must have a pass given/signed by a teacher, and sign in to document their entry and use of the space. 

During lunch, students may get a lunch pass anytime before their lunch period, and use that to enter the Learning Commons during that time. 

Students must adhere to the Tex Hill Student Behavior Expectations and Academic Policy, the NEISD Student Code of Conduct, and follow the NEISD Acceptable Use Policy for Technology within the Learning Commons space as they would in any other NEISD school environment.

Lending & Fines Policies


Students may check out up to five books at a time for a three-week period.

Due to popularity and availability, we ask students to check out a limit of 1 current Lone Star title at a time.

Older issues of magazines may be checked out for 7 days. Only one magazine checkout per student.

Students may renew an item or items before or on the due date if they need more time, but not if the item is overdue.

To renew a book online, students can go into the online library catalog, and check the My Account section.  See the box labeled "What Do I Have Checked Out?" on this page for more information. 


If there is a hold/request for a particular or popular item currently checked out, students may not be able to renew that item, depending on the situation; the LC staff will decide on renewals on a case-by-case basis to provide fair access to materials for all students and faculty.

If a student has an overdue item, and has also placed a hold/is on a waiting list for an item, s/he may be bumped to the end of the waiting list for any holds until the overdue items are returned and any fines cleared.



The Hill Learning Commons does not charge fines for overdue books.

However, when a student has an overdue item on her/his record, s/he may not check out another item until that overdue item is returned. 

If a student loses an item, or returns an item in damaged condition, the item must be paid for or replaced before the student's record is cleared, and borrowing privileges resumed.       

LENDING to HILL Parents 

Parents may check out books. Parents can create an account under their name by doing so in person at the LC Checkout Desk.  A contact email and working phone (home, work or cell) number is required. 

Lending period = 3 weeks / 15 school days

OverDrive - Borrowing downloadable eBooks & Audiobooks


You can borrow & download eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive, NEISD's digital library platform! 

Total # of items at one time = 5

Students: Use your ID to login. 

Parents: See Librarian Ms. Diaz to set up an account in our system; within 48 hours, you will then be able to borrow items from the OverDrive platform. 

See the OverDrive tab for more information. 

All items borrowed through OverDrive automatically disappear from your device when they are due.

Suggest a Title/Topic!

Suggest a Title, Topic, or Series to be Added to the LC Collection!

book suggestion form

Volunteer in the LC!

Are you interested in volunteering in the LC? 

Please see the Tex Hill Volunteer Opportunities Form

Also required - to be DPS cleared by the district before volunteering on any NEISD campus. 

If interested in volunteering in the Learning Commons, please click the button below to view available times:

Click to View Our SignUps on

For more specific information, feel free to contact either the PTSA VP of Volunteers Tracy Benavides ( or Librarian Teresa Diaz (

PTSA Volunteer Information Page


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