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Welcome to the Tex Hill Middle School Learning Commons: Citing & Printing Images

How Do I Create an Image Citation (MLA Style)?

Follow these steps to create a basic MLA-style citation for an image:

1) Author/Creator. Not available?  Skip to #2.
2) Title of image in quotation marks.  Not available?  Image doesn’t have a title?
Create brief descriptive title. (Photograph of horse running.  Drawing of brain.)
Do not put in quotations if you create the title; you can italicize it instead.
3) Media format of the image (Chart, Diagram, Graph, Illustration, Map, Photograph, Cartoon)
4) Date of image. Not available?  Then put n.d. or leave it blank.
5) Title of where the image is located--Title of web page or title of article found in database.
6) Website/database name of where image is located 
in italics.
7) Medium of publication. If online – Web. If in paper, Print. 
8) Day of access, month and year.  01 Jan. 2011.
9) URL/Web address where you found the image (starts with an http:).


Basic MLA Format

Artist/Creator [if given]. "Title of Image [if given]." Media Format Type. Date of image [if given].  Title of Web Page or Article where image was found [if given].  Website/Database Name where image was located. Date you accessed it [if online] . URL/Web Address.

Example Citation for this image:

Bumble Bee. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 24 May 2013.

Image Citation Generators

Use one of these tools to help generate an IMAGE CITATION (non-Creative Commons/non-Flickr Images)

NoodleTools (login required)

NoodleTools Express (no login required)


ImageCodr - for FLICKR Images Citations



to create citations/attributions
for any Flickr image found online!

Works Cited Slides for Images, Audio & Video

You must always include a Works Cited at the end of your project for any images, audio & video clips you have used. 

Citation Slides Template - Google Drive

*You will need to LOG INTO your NEISD Drive account first & then download the template. 

How to Find an Image's URL

How do I create a CC Attribution for an IMAGE?


Creative Commons Attribution Format

Name of Image if given [hyperlink to it] by Creator/Artist's name is licensed under a Creative Commons [specific type of license--must see what it says about that specific image]. 

How to Figure Out What Each CC License Means

Flickr Creative Commons Attribution for this image:

Photo by mollyali, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.


ANOTHER WAY to format an Image Attribution for the same photo above:

"A library user in its natural habitat" by mollyali, used under a 


Here's another CC Flickr Attribution style:

This photo above would have this icon, if you wanted to use it in the attribution line:  


Another example of a CC Attribution for an Image: 

Image: "Is your trip necessary?" by Richard Masoner / CycleliciousUsed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

CLICK on each CC License below to read more about it--and to use these hyperlinks in your attributions:






More about Attributions


ImageStamper is a free tool for keeping dated, independently verified copies of license conditions associated with creative commons images.

You can use it to safeguard your use of free images from license changes, or to prove you are the original image creator.

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