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ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME: Digital Citizenship

3rd Grade Rome Research


"Plagiarism" means copying and not giving credit to the person that wrote the words first.

Plagiarism is a kind of cheating. In college, students who plagiarize get kicked out of college. At work, people who plagiarize lose their jobs.

That's why it's so important to get in the good habits of:

  • taking notes in your own words, not copying sentences, and
  • giving credit to your sources

Taking Notes

Gather information by taking notes. (only the GIST, NOT complete sentences)

Make a list of the sources I used for notes and pictures. (Cite Your Sources sheet)

Put my notes together (using Step #4 note taking sheets)

List my Sources

It is very important to give credit to the sources of information. Those authors worked hard to do their research and writing. They don't want someone to copy their work!

I have a paper called Cite Your Sources OR you can copy and paste online sources in a Word document.

When I turn this in, I am giving credit to the authors for their hard work. And I am being honest about where I found my information. That is good Digital Citizenship!!!

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