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Rapid Changes in Earth's Surface- A Model Third Grade Guided Inquiry Unit: Open

Phase: Open


This phase is also intended to:

  • Motivate students
  • Spark conversation
  • Connect to what students already know about a topic (which makes it more meaningful to them)
  • Raise questions (not answer them)


"Open" Activities

Video Activity (15  minutes)

A compelling video segment can be an excellent resource to use during the "Open" phase of a Guided Inquiry unit.

Landslide Video Segment:

  • Watch the first 50 seconds of the video with the sound turned off. 
  • Pairs Share-- Allow students to discuss their reactions with a partner. Choose several volunteers to share their observations and ideas with the class.
  • Watch the first 50 seconds of the video with the sound turned on.
  • Discuss as a group. 

Geography Connection

Ask students whether or not landslides are a natural hazard found in Texas. Examine the Landslide Overview Map on the USGS website. Use this map to confirm or refute students' suppositions about landslides in our state. Ask students to make other observations about the map. Discuss.

Reflection/Ticket Out the Door (Note: could be a Google Form)

What do you wonder about landslides?

What surprised you?

Spanish Reflection Questions:


¿Qué te preguntas sobre los deslizamientos?

¿Qué te sorprendió?


Landslide Video Segment (

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