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Rapid Changes in Earth's Surface- A Model Third Grade Guided Inquiry Unit: Explore

Phase: Explore



During the Explore phase students will browse through a variety of resources in preparation for developing inquiry questions.

Explore Session (approx. 45-60 min.)

Google Docs version of Stop & Jot / Spanish version

Session Starter:

Explain why exploring a variety of different types of resources is important.

Work Time:

Students will use the Stop & Jot strategy (see Guided Inquiry Design Figure 6.1) to record ideas and questions. This strategy gives students a structure for recording ideas and questions, while avoiding the tendency to start recording full-blown notes too soon in the research process.


At the end of the class session, use a modified Pair Share Protocol

  • Ask students to read over their notes and find one or two things they would like to share with someone else. (Inquiry Journal Prompt: I would like to tell about...)
  • Pairs share. 
  • Debrief as a whole class.
  • Closing question (may be done as a journal prompt, a paper exit ticket or a Google form): What do you want to know more about?

Spanish Reflection:

  • Estímulo para la consulta: Me gustaría hablar sobre…
  • ¿Sobre qué quieres aprender más?


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