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Rapid Changes in Earth's Surface- A Model Third Grade Guided Inquiry Unit: Identify

Phase: Identify



In this phase students will identify a central research question (and sub-questions, as needed) based on interesting ideas explored, important problems, or themes that emerged during Exploration phase.


Guiding Questions (adapted from Guided Inquiry Design, 2012):

What is most interesting to you?

What is your assignment? (If product has been predetermined) OR What are your learning goals?

What information is available?

How much time do you have to conduct your research and create a product?

Identifying Research Questions (30 min.)


Students will review inquiry journals and highlight things they found interesting.


As a whole class, brainstorm possible research questions. Record students' ideas using a SmartNotebook slide, a Google doc, or chart paper. 


 Debrief the process of formulating research questions.

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