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Rapid Changes in Earth's Surface- A Model Third Grade Guided Inquiry Unit: Gather

Phase: Gather



During this phase students gather information to answer research questions. Students will use the same set of resources that were used during the Explore phase. Additional resources may need to be added to address students research questions.

Students will take notes in their Inquiry Journals and cite sources of information in a format specified by the librarian.

Gather Process (Time Frame: multiple class periods)

Work Time:

Students studying related topics (e.g., Tornadoes) may be grouped formally or informally to create a support structure for the Gather phase. For information on Inquiry Circles, see Guided Inquiry Design p. 122-123.


The Pair Share Protocol (Guided Inquiry Design, Figure 8.4) offers ideas for prompts to guide the reflection process as students move toward creating a product.

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