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Rapid Changes in Earth's Surface- A Model Third Grade Guided Inquiry Unit: Create

Phase: Create (Time Frame: one or more class periods)



In this phase students create a product to be shared with others.

The audience should be identified in advance so product development can be tailored to a specified group (e.g., peers, cross-grade level buddies).

Create Phase / Product Ideas

Product Tech Tool Notes
Public Service Announcement iMovie app
  • students need to create a script
  • see Additional Resources tab for sample PSAs
Curated Electronic Display Discovery Board Builder
  • students need to create a mock up and have it approved prior to building the DE board
Slide Show    Educreations or Show Me app
  • students need to create a storyboard prior to recording
  • students should use copyright-free images 
Postcard    PhotoCard by Bill Atkinson
  • students will create a postcard from a place where a rapid change takes place (e.g., California and earthquakes) and describe what to do before, during and after such an event

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