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RRHS English IV Research Project: Documentary Exploration

A Call to Action: Social Issue Research

I'm a documentary image maker, still and moving, because keeping the real world on the agenda is really important at a time when we're increasingly disconnected from parts of the world on whom we depend.

-Tim Hetherington (1970-2011), photojournalist and co-director of Restrepo

Day 1 Agenda

​doc·u·men·ta·ry /däkyƏ'ment(Ə)rē/ noun a movie or television program that tells the facts about actual people and events

roll of film

Reel of movie film. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 11 Feb 2016. 

  • Use the links in the box to the right to access a range of documentaries.
  • Note issues, pros, and, cons for each documentary you watch.
  • Which issues grab your attention? At the end of class, go back over your notes; hi-light words and ideas that interest you the most. Share your ideas about today's task with a partner. How did today's exploration of topics connect you to the real world?

Documentary Links

Some of the videos are trailers, and others are full-length documentaries. ​Remember that you must explore at least 3 different topics.


Day 2 Agenda

  • Review yesterday's notes on the documentaries, giving consideration to your hi-lights.
  • Select one issue from the videos that has research potential - a topic on which you could see yourself focus for the rest of the school year.
  • Search the databases on the LIBRARY RESOURCES page for an article related to your chosen topic.
  • Email the article to your student email address:

         [computer username]

  • Complete and print a DIGITAL NOTE using the selected article.
  • How can the databases connect you to real world events?

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