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Churchill HS Library Annual Report 2017-2018: Home

Library Mission


To support the school’s pursuit of excellence by providing a welcoming environment with access to current and relevant digital and print resources, and by integrating technologies; and to prepare its learning community to be productive citizens who critically and responsibly use, create, and communicate information and knowledge. 

Library Staff

 Librarian     Charlotte Gustafson  1 full-time
 Library Assistant  Clara Chertakovsky  8 hours per day


We are fortunate to have student aides help with our clerical tasks throughout the day.  The number varies by semester, but we generally have 1 per class period.

Library Availability

Library Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m

Extended Hours until 5:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

 Days Closed       16    


The library was closed for EOC and AP testing in December, March, and May.

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Student Enrollment



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