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Tuscany Heights ES Library Annual Report 2017-2018: Technology Integration

Technology Integration

At Tuscany Heights, we integrate technology into library lessons for each grade level.  For example, students frequently use Chromebooks, desktop computers and iPads to access district resources for research and pleasure.  Furthermore, students are encouraged to use personal devices to access OverDrive, NEISD's electronic library, which gives students the ability to checkout eBooks, audiobooks and read-alongs from anywhere with internet connectivity. 


  • Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Nutt, The Tuscany Instructional Technology Specialist, teamed up to teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) lessons in the library. These lessons allow students to learn through experimentation and from each other. These library lessons have been quite successful, as literature combined with STEAM inspire creativity and critical thinking. Next year Tuscany is incorporating a STEAM lab into the specials rotation.  
  • Students use STEAM materials to enhance research lessons.  For example, 3rd grade students study ancient Rome each year.  This year, after researching the Circus Maximus, students used the engineering design process to create chariots out of common library crafting materials (paper, popsicle sticks, cups, etc.).  Students were encouraged to experiment with their prototypes and make adjustments as needed.  At the end of the day, these Sphero-powered chariots, raced in the school rotunda.  
  • Mrs. Johnson introduced Tuscany students to the Do Ink  app this year, and students enjoy incorporating green screen technology into their projects.  Second graders used the green screen app to present their biography research, and 5th grade groups used Do Ink to enhance their 40 Book Challenge presentations.  Next year, we hope to use green screen technology during our morning announcement broadcasts.


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