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Search Apps Spotlight: Why Use Search Apps?

Q: What are Search Apps?

A: The LC's Search Apps are designed specifically to help students find, use, and learn about any topic you need or want to know more about in connection to your school learning.


Think of a Search App as Google for School:

You can search a search app for anything related to schoolwork:

  • to learn more about a topic or concept

  • To help with homework or an assignment

  • Find magazine & newspaper articles

  • Learn more about current events

  • See both sides of controversial issues

  • Discover project ideas

  • Do research and curate resources & information

  • or even to help study & review for an upcoming test!


All the information you find is 100% relevant to your class curriculum ~ so no need to make sure it’s okay to use ~ it’s already pre-approved and good to go!

There are lots of cool tools inside each search app to help you find, sort, save, and share what you discover!

No More Singing the Homework Blues - TexQuest Digital Resources

Accessing the Search Apps

Accessing the Search Apps:


Login to Launchpad using your NEISD Credentials.

Once inside Launchpad, look for the Library Resources icon. 


launchpad library resources icon

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