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Welcome to the Tex Hill Middle School Learning Commons: OverDrive

OverDrive Overview (Video)


How to Browse OverDrive


  • Use your NEISD login to access OverDrivez
  • Browse the online collection and virtually "check out" an item into your "bookshelf" temporarily
  • Then download the software or APP needed to your device (@home, or via the NEISD WIFI network @school)
  • Then download the actual item to your device or computer/laptop
  • You can also READ it in a web browser via OverDrive READ--no device except a computer is needed!  

Overdrive - NEISD Digital Library

OverDrive icon

NEISD's OverDrive collection contains thousands of
eBooks and audiobooks. 

Total # of items on your account at one time = 5

Explore the collection by clicking
on the image above!

Students & Staff use their NEISD Login credentials
to access OverDrive.

Parent accounts can be requested from campus librarians during the school year. 

How do I get the eBook/Audiobook on my Device?

Overdrive How-to Videos

OverDrive app icon

 OverDrive APP

 OverDrive Help link icon

Visual Guide - How to Install OverDrive (app)

Downloadable Directions

On Direction Sheets: 

STEP 3: 

Browse for Library name: neisd

Then scroll to H: Hill Middle School

Select "North East ISD" to select & save as Library

STEP 4: 

Use your NEISD Login Credentials to login to OverDrive

(Parent Accts = Login given by campus librarian)

Browsing for Library Name: neisd

overdrive app install image

Web Accessibility